About Keene Middle School

Educational Philosophy

Keene Middle School embraces the educational philosophy which seeks to meet the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of the middle school learner. Located in West Keene, the school provides 6th, 7th and 8th grades for the children of Keene and for several neighboring communities. KMS offers a challenging and enriched curriculum, an abundance of extra curricular opportunities and a qualified and caring faculty.

Small Communities of Learning

The school is large, yet the "school within a school" configuration creates small communities of learning that give each child the individual identity that is so important to pre-adolescent development. Keene Middle School has been approved by the National Middle School Association.

Currently Keene Middle School enrolls about 600 students with approximately 200 students per grade level. Keene students enter Keene Middle School at grade six, as do those students from the town of Stoddard and Surry. Students from Harrisville, Nelson and Marlow will enter at grade seven. Students completing grade eight go on to Keene High School.

Students at each grade level are assigned to a "cluster" of approximately 100 students. Each cluster is taught by a "team" of teachers. Generally the team is comprised of a teacher from each discipline and is responsible for the majority of the students' day. Students remain with their team of teachers for the school year and in ensuing years students are redistributed into new clusters with new teams in the upper grades. Every effort is made to have each cluster of students exactly alike in composition (male - female ratio, learning styles, interests, abilities, etc.). The cluster - team configuration allows students and teachers to know each other well and individual needs and learning styles can be well addressed. Each of the six "teams" of teachers also include a special education teacher.