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Welcome to Grade 8 Cluster F 2017-2018!

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"mindset" - noun

a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one's behavior, outlook and mental attitude.

Check out this video that all Cluster F students watched in FSG!

What's your mindset?

Is it fixed?

Is it growing?


"Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal."

- Mike Ditka


Cluster F sells snack to students every day before period 5.  We sell juice, water and crackers at 50 cents each.  Students are also welcome to bring a healthy snack from home and a water bottle.  With our lunch being at 12:31, we all get a little hungry mid morning! :)  The money we raise selling snacks is used to fund Cluster activities throughout the year! :)

Period 9

Period 9 is the Cluster F Homework Club!

Cluster F offers Period 9 every day to provide students with an opportunity to do homework, receive help, make up work or study for upcoming assessments.  Period 9 begins at 2:28 and lasts until 2:55- although students may stay as late as 3:30 if needed.  

Scheduled/Required Students:

Students may be scheduled or required to attend Period 9 by teachers or parents.  Those students who are scheduled for regular Period 9 should report to Ms. Lavatori's room, 2410.  

Drop-In Students:

If students elect to drop-in to homework club on an as needed basis, they should report to the teacher who is hosting drop-in Period 9 for that day.

The drop-in schedule is listed below:

Mondays- Mrs. Hamlin 2401

Tuesdays- Mrs. Nilsen 2403

Wednesdays- Mr. O'Mara 2405

Thursdays- Ms. Wilson-Tucker 2401/Mr. Bassett 2410 on staff and dept. meeting days

Fridays- Mr. Paone 2404

Teacher Appointments:

As always, if a student has a teacher scheduled appointment stamped into his or her planner, he or she should report to that teacher immediately after school.


1.  Students are expected to attend Period 9 alone- this is not a social time.

2.  Students should not being using their cell phones during Period 9.  They have from 2:22 -2:28 to make arrangements for rides, check in with parents, etc.

3.  Students should be on task and willing to work.  Period 9 should be a productive and supportive time for all students.

"It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer."

-Albert Einstein

Click here for Homework Assignments.

Hamlin, Leanna
Grade 8 English
Lavatori, Marianne
Grade 8 Special Education
Nilsen, Willow
Grade 8 Science
O'Mara, Sean
Grade 8 Social Studies
Paone, Michael
Grade 8 Math
Wilson-Tucker, Jennifer
Reading Grade 8

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