English with Mrs. Hamlin

Welcome to Cluster F English 2017-2018!


During the month of May, students will begin working on their last big project in English - Drama! We'll investigate what makes drama a unique literary genre and put our skills to work, creating unique scripts. Students will be encouraged to read their writing aloud, act, or also create a short film!

During the month of February, students in English will be considering how the press impacted the Little Rock Nine. We will be focusing on the media, closely analyzing a variety of documents to deepen our understanding of the events that surrounded the Nine's integration into Central High School.


Students are in the thinking/planning stages of their This I Believe essay, which challenges them to articulate a strongly-held value. We're working on focusing on the writing process - considering the thinking/planning stage of writing, drafting, and thoughtful, intentional revision. Kids are analyzing examples, participating in discussions with classmates, and taking time to reflect on their values and life experiences. They'll soon begin the writing stage of this piece.



During the month of November, students in English class will wrap up their Gothic stories. This mini-narrative unit encouraged students to strengthen their descriptive and creative writing skills, while deepening their understanding about the different sub-genres of literature. 
The second half of November will focus on historical fiction writing, focused on the Industrial Revolution, with a connection to both Reading and Social Studies classes.


Happy October! In English this month, students will be honing their argument writing skills, and once again, they'll be able to select the level of challenge that best fits their interest and writing goals. Some students will be analyzing Ulysses' actions, deciding whether or not he was a true hero. Other students will be investigating broader topics to further strengthen their strong argument writing skills. We'll practice embedding quotations and defending our opinions with evidence.

August and September

Welcome to English! During August and September, students will be living the lives of writers. We'll spend the first few weeks getting to know one another through conversations in class and also through our writing. The very first piece students will create is a short poem where they consider and articulate an aspect of their personality not only through their eyes, but also through the perspective of others; we will investigate the assumptions we hold about others and those we might experience ourselves in an attempt to look past initial impressions.