Language Live! with Ms. Lavatori


Welcome to Language Live!


 Students in Language class continue to work online on specific word training and text training lessons for the first part of each class. During the second part of class we are reading selected chapters from the historical fiction novel Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson that aligns with the Industrial Revolution unit in Social Studies. Students will participate in class discussions related to the main ideas in the story, and they will practice writing complete answers to questions that require students to make inferences, compare and contrast, develop opinions, make judgments, or make decisions about the plot or characters.


Students in Language class have had a great start! They have finished reading Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, and they are currently finishing the movie version of The Adventures of Ulysses. Every day students works independently online to complete word training lessons, and we will be starting our text training lessons soon. Our class goals are to improve our reading and writing skills throughout the school year, and both the Language Live! and curriculum-based assignments will help us reach those goals.