Cluster A Homework

Homework given on 2/23/18

*Parents: Please check to make sure your student is keeping an accurate and daily record of his/her planner. It is each student's responsibility to be recording their homework assignments in the student planner on a daily basis. This webpage is not intended to replace student use of the planner. 
English (Schinler): NHT

Reading (Day):
NHT if Figurative Language Tracker is done. 
Quiz Corrections due 3/6

Math (McRae): 

Language (Burr): ​NHT

TransMath (Burr): NHT

Social Studies (Vernon):
NHT if Hammurabi's Code of Laws Paragraph is done

Science (Andrews): NHT if Landform Slide is done. 

Spanish (Hawkins):

Spanish (Trubiano): Practice new vocabulary

Health (Thompson): ​NHT