Cluster B Homework


 *Parents: Please check to make sure your student is keeping an accurate and daily record of his/her homework in the student planner. It is each student's responsibility to be recording their homework assignments in the student planner on a daily basis. This webpage is not intended to replace student use of the planner.

THINK TANK: This after school work time has begun. Students are invited to stay after with a rotating classroom teacher from 2:30-3:00 Monday-Wednesday to complete work in a quiet space.

Last updated: 2/21/18

Core Classes (Allied Arts Below)

Subject Homework  
Math (Snowling)

  Substitute, see student planner


Reading (Stebbins)

 Read Ch. 11 by Friday

English (Painchaud)

 Punctuation Worksheet


Science (Mickola)


Social Studies (Larareo)

 Prepare for Individual Play Analysis by able to question about the play:
     ~What law from the code did your group present?
Who is protected by this law? What purpose does this law serve?
     ~Describe the conflict. (What happened? How was the law broken?)
     ~How was the conflict resolved? Who was found guilty?Consequence?
~What was the proof used to convict or acquit the defendant?
~How would you categorize this law? Why?
     ~Do you think this law is fair? Why or why not?


Language! (Clason)



 TransMath (Clason)

 Individual Work



Allied Arts




 Spanish (Hawkins)

 Complete summary writing on Mexico if not completed in class. 

 Spanish (Trubiano)

 Practice new green vocab list. Likes and Dislikes.


 Band (Hahs)

 Practice for 100 documented minutes per cycle

 Health (Thompson)