Cluster F Homework

Cluster F Homework


Cluster F teachers will post homework nightly, but this site does not replace the use of the Student Planner.  There is typically 1 to 1.5 hours of homework each night in eighth grade, so please encourage your child to use their planner daily to keep on top of their nightly homework responsibilities.  ALSO, Period 9 is available after school from 2:30-3:30 so students can get extra help on their HW.

Homework - Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Periods 1, 2, 6, 7:  While Mr. Paone is out, students are responsible for completing the following:

-Flintstones dilation/similar figures project.

-Transformation cartoon project, which includes the film strip planning sheet, and a shared document to Mr. Paone with an explanation of each cartoon frame.

-Chapter 2 assessment.

Period 8:

Read and complete all questions for Lyddie Chapters 6 and 7.  Due Mon. 11/27.  Students were given 40 minutes to begin this assignment in class.  Late work will lose points.  Chapters 6 and 7 are 12.5 pages long. Students who do not complete their nightly reading work will be expected to stay after school to complete and review the assignment.  Parents will also be notified by email of any missed assignments during this unit so that students do not fall behind in their reading. Option 3 Students:  All Lyddie chapters and questions should be finished for Mon. 11/27.
-no more than 15 minutes of homework if worked on in class


Language! with Ms. Lavatori:  
NHT, 0 minutes.

Social Studies:

World Language:
8th grade  Regular Spanish

Hawkins: NHT


Trubiano: NHT

8th grade  Accelerated Spanish:

Hawkins: NHT

Trubiano: NHT

Aronowitz: NHT

Allied Arts:
Band/Strings: Band students should have at least 100 minutes of documented practice per 6-day cycle.



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